Vinyl Stretching


I know you can 'unwarp' the severe warping found in the 97, but can you stretch vinyl? If you were to stretch the bucket at various points, can you make it bigger?
Don't hink you can make it bigger but you can certainly re-shape it using a hairdryer or placing it in hot water. Good Luck!
Like most plastics, I'm pretty sure you could squeeze an extra cm out of the helmet. One other thing to consider is the width of the opeing in the t-visor. If the DP still has the original visor, dunk the whole helmet in the hottest tap water you can get and give it a stretch. (preferably in the back part) Then when that has cooled, you can get another 5 or 10 mm out of the t-visot opening. Don't go too much or the visor will look really off.

Let us know if it works for you.
I cut the visor off years ago, and the visor's currently out of it (going back in soon, though)...

Would a bowling ball fit/work to round and stretch it maybe?
-using the hot water method, that is.
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