Vhonte Tervho build


Well under the suggestion of a few members here, I will post my progress. I normally don't post much, on this or any other board, just build stuff! But I decided to go through with this, maybe I will even make a few friends! The first pic is what I am going for, the rest are in progress pics. I have gauntlets and pistols started, but not really pic worthy yet!

Vhonte Tervho.jpg






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Oh man those pics don't really do those pieces justice. I am no photographer! And I have more things done and pics and such, but I will wait til I get a better spread of the pieces and a little more done. The silver thighs and shins are just the base over primer. All the hard armor parts will probably be the same, the silver base, then a blue, then maroon, then the red, going with a Boba layered look. Well thats the idea anyway! And I painted that helm a while ago, but will probably end up repainting it the same as the rest of the hard parts.. Maybe go with the mustard idea. And all the rivits and snaps will be painted on the belt, the 3 tubes painted, and more. Geeze too much to explain! I think that ..boobie mold? will be ready to try to pull in about a week or two, accounting a back fill and final surfaceing and actually getting it to the guy with the Vac set-up. Well, :cheers
Wow! I had no idea you had this much done so far. Everything looks great, I can't wait for more pics and progress. Keep up the great work.
Yes it is a female.. didn't think there would be much doubt there.. Heh! Anyways I am trying to follow that pic (and there is one more), pretty closely. Of course some things don't tranfer to reality easily. I am trying to capture a "real" Mando look and feel.. following some Boba and Jango ideas, ya know?
I'm sure it will all turn out ok in the end, the thing to remember is not what you see now, it's the final outcome that counts, you will get there. All the same you are doing fine, it looks great.....
The concept is very well thought out. The one thing that I would do differently to the shin armor to give them a bit more meat is to double the top and seam the two pieces by feathering a bit of bondo to slope them together. Right now they look a bit bare and thin, otherwise great work so far.
So Michigan Jaster , you are saying basically take a smaller version and glue it to it, then feather, so the center (vertically) is thicker, then tapers out to about the first layer at the edges? I was thinking since they were going to be painted and weathered anyway they would look all right, but if I am thinking what I think you are thinking, that is a good way to go to thicken em' up! Maybe I'll play around with that. Next thing is the cod.. gotta make it smaller and curved right, thinking more the Jango where it does not go all the way across like Boba, and maybe attach it to belts like some Jango's do. I think by spending a little more time and not rushing through it it will come out ok. It is taking a lot more time and work than I thought, but it is still fun, and I have a vision! Well, I think I thought I did.. Thanks!
Really great idea! I wondered when someone would get around to making a costume based upon that image. Wasn't that an image from a Star Wars Insider magazine bit on Mandalorians? I've been planning on using a similar set of spiked foot armor and this image was my inspiration. I also like the leather Pauldron-like things on the shoulder armor and had thought about doing a similar one. My thinking was that it'd be a bit of padding where the stock of my sniper rifle rests as I'm firing it. Perhaps you can give me some tips about how yours was made and how you've fastened it to your armor, or anything else relevant. The helmet looks great so far, I can't wait to see it finished as it looks like you do good work...

Awesome work! Did you buy or make the helmet? Are you building it for someone in particular? If not remember "If you build it, they will come.":lol: I'm sure some lady would go for wearing that costume. It looks really good. What did you make the shins out of?
I'm impressed with the work on the leather belt.
it took me almost 3 months to finish my han solo belt
very nice work.
my friend (female) is going for the femmando look too.
To Southern hunter, yes I am building it for "somebody". Most of the parts are reproducible? I think but I am still working and reworking lotso' things. And the helmet was just a Jango bucket I got a while ago for fun, so I used that. The shins are just sintra, but will be changing them along with the thighs. And even though this a kind of custom, I like spending time with it to get the look I want. And Ion_Cannon_Gunner, that belt was almost embarassingly easy.. A Solo belt though takes some time and research, ya gotta get that one right! Sometimes the things you think will be hard turn out easier, and the easy things you go to work on take forever!
I'm really impressed!!! I love the leather belt with the pouches, and those clear tube things really add on nicely! I also love the boots with the spikes, they look great!

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