Hi I just made a deal with someone on these boards and the armor will be purchased this week. I want to go ahead and get the vest. I want it black. Is there any certain clothing brand to use or should I make my own (i don't have a seamstress)? And If so out of what and does anybody have any tutorials or blueprints on making the vest?
I went to my local Fabricland and bought just enough cutoff black pleather to make a vest. Basically, I intended to make it like a swat vest. Basically, like a normal vest only it closed on both sides to be held together with webbing straps. Since I'm now doing a more traditional Jodo Kast, I won't be needing the pleather. Let me know if you are interested and I can throw it all in the box for you.

Actually, I have a nice burgandy red one which already has a good deal of the sewing completed. Either way.
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