Need paint color guides for ESB EE3 and Sidearm


Hi all- I’m not sure if something like this exists, but these 2 pieces are the last I need to complete my build. I am not a painter so have commissioned my entire build over the past few years. Due to costs, I am doing the blasters myself and purchased kits from Imperial Arms 3d printing. They are in many pieces so if anybody here has built them before, advice is welcome.

I’ve searched through the site here for paint color guides but I cannot find one- just pictures, which can’t help me choose paint colors. I’ll be hand painting them, if that makes any difference. I would consider airbrushing if it is advised and if there is a good inexpensive one to purchase, but I’ve never used one before.

Also I need an idea on a color to stain an ESB girth belt. I realize companies have their own names, so do I find a good picture of a belt and compare it to the paint swatches?

Thanks for any advice
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