Flak vest and armor fit advice


Hi folks,

I’m at the stage where I’m figuring out whether my flak vest needs some alterations. This is my first go, so I wanted to ask how tight the vest should fit around the torso and under the arms (over the jetpack harness of course). It’s tough to tell in photos but the sense I get is it that it should be snug but not tight. Is that right?

I have one other question about how the bottom armor plate should behave:

In my test fits with armor pinned on, I’m finding that the lower-most armor plate doesn’t really conform to the shape of my body—the bottom “corners” tend to float out from the vest. Basically the ABS would need to be more curved (around the vertical axis) in order to conform to my abdomen (see photo).


I think I could solve this with where I place the pins (I.e. closer to the edge of the plate), but wanted to see if more experienced Bobas had any advice first.

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