V2 holster assembly-prototype.


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All right, tell me what needs improvement!

Upgrades from V1 are:
  1. More accurate holster shape...I think?
  2. More accurate posts with two different sizes used. The 1" upper straps utilize a taller post, and the 5/8" thigh straps use a shorter post (both allowed me to use smaller holes more like the original).
  3. Located the strap loops closer to the posts and secured to the straps via rivets.
  4. All brass hardware except for the nickle plated buckle (only finish available).
  5. 1 3/4" belt with single post buckle.
  6. Six holes in upper straps for more adjustability.
  7. Thigh straps are still cut long with extra holes for custom fitting and trimming.
I stained this one with a medium brown for a more brown finish.

Let me know (y) or (n).
Thanks guys,





That set up is a piece of art.
I think it looks dead on - Very nice set up (y) :eek:
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Lookin' Real Good Cruzer. Nice Craftmanship! :eek: (y) I like the new holster shape. It's hard to find anything to improve upon :confused Great work!(y) (y)
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Here's another pic with flash and with the blasters as ref.

Unfortunately, one of my molds broke on the second run. So I now have a chance to tweek the shape a little since I have to cut out another pair of molds in my school's wood shop tomorrow. Yesterday the kids were all wondering what the heck I was cutting out and sanding...I told them I had to finish my project or I'd get an "F" for my end of the year grade...a Jango "F"-ett is what I really meant. :lol:

I'm still not satisfied with the sides so those'll get straightened and flared just a tad more.

Let me know what you think,

I can maybe see what your saying about the sides maybe have to much of a convex or a sagging shape to them, but? :confused The other thing I was looking at in the AOTC Ref. Guide was that the bottom or tips of the holsters have a real squared off or flat shape to them rather than a rounded or curved end. Hope that makes sense.;)

YOU ARE A MANIAC!!! Do you have a regular job during the day? how do you have time for this? Man I wish I had time like this.

Awesome job man. Again, back to the drawing board for me.
:lol: :lol: Thanks guys!

Actually SEEKER...I'm a mild mannered middle school english teacher by day, and a maniac prop maker by night. Way into the night till morning somethimes! ;)

Hey GBH, got what your saying about being more squared off at the bottom. I'll take another look at that. Thanks.

As far as a run, yeah I could probably swing another small run since I need to get some more leather for the tops of the holsters (the size leather I'm using right now is too thick and results in wrinkles around the bottom). And if there were enough interest, I could bring the price down a tad and refunds for those three who have already purchased one. I would need some orders to be paid up front in order to get the extra materials though. If enough people post they're interested, I'll start a list.

Thanks guys,
They're MRs. I would guess these holsters would also fit the resin casts really well that are out there, but as for Rubies I don't know.

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