WIP Westar holster build question


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Hey there.
New to TDH and so glad this community exists! I’ve started Jango rig which I’ll post pics along the way.
For now - I’m looking for some suggestions on the holsters. I have been following evallded‘s step by step which is helpful. The issue is the tip/bottom of the holster is not smooth and flat. It’s wrinkled up. I have plenty of leather so I will make a diff version. Anyone have suggestions on how to avoid? Here are pictures to show what I’m working with.

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Hey T0R1C, I did some research and found this video that shows some wet forming of leather to make rounded corners.
I would think wet forming is going to be the way to go. The video's long but hopefully you pick up some ideas from it. There's also some videos making shaped holsters that might have some more info. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress pics. Hope this helps.....Don