Jango Fett Belt/holster


The holster straps around the back of your thigh as well to hold the thigh armor in place. Some people also put 2 screws through the holster into the thigh armor.


Jr Hunter
I'm working on my Jango Holsters also but haven't been able to find the answers I'm seeking.
For the lower strap (around the leg) how far up from the bottom tip of the holster should the strap be located (center line of the strap)? (holster is for MR Westars)
How is the lower strap (around the leg) attached to the holster, Chicago screw, stitched, or glued?
Last question for the upper two straps on the holster do they both attach to one Chicago screw, two separate Chicago screws, or some other way?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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For about the cost of a good belt rig, I am selling all of my leather patterns and molds with samples and support. Build a couple of sets and recoup your cost.

See the Cargo Hold.