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I know that this has been done many times before, but I figured I’d give it a go. So I’ve started working on the template for my belt pouches. I based the size assuming a 2.5” belt. Here is my first dry run made out cardstock.



Let me know what you think, I’ll post the templates once I work out the kinks, I’ll be picking up some leather from Tandy this weekend.

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yups, looks great!
how are you gonna make the closure and stuff? Won't the flap stand out way to much if you use velcro?
Thanks guys, the templates will be posted. I have already gone through 5 different designs the latest version is looking good, no external belt loop.

Instead of velcro I was considering using button magnets to keep the flaps closed. I have some that are super strong and small. One would go on the flap and the other is glued to the inside of the pouch. If I need to the leather can be recessed a bit to house the magnet, which should create a snug fit.

:D now that's just great to hear!!! you really gave this some thought!!! good job!! I am eagerly awaiting the end results, as I am currently making my own belt aswell (ala TK-409).

Here is a mockup of version 5 with the integral belt loop and the button magnets tacked in place. Now I have to convert the templates into something that will work with leather, but I have a few ideas on that. I’ll post some pics after I get the leather on Saturday.




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Can't wait to see the finished templates. :love I'll be looking for an ammo belt in a couple of weeks.

If TDH had a hall of fame, you would definatly be in it for all your great ideas and the templates you have shared with us. (y) (y)


;) I agree on that one!!

anyways, won't it work if you got one of those waterproof markers, and kind of colourd on the back side of the leather, around the template? then you should stitch and cut on the inside edge of the marker stripes (as this is where your template began)... that's how I did myn yesterday.

belt pouches glued.JPG
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Nice work wizardofflight. (y)

Be sure to take the thickness of the leather into account when cutting the pieces to fit over your base and around the belt. Thin paper / card stock folds better and smaller than a 3-4 oz. weight leather.


Very nice looking belt, good work!(y) As for laying out the pattern that is exactly what I am going to do.

Gator Fett

The material thickness is my big challenge now.

For my own Fett I am going to wet form the leather over a wooden block. Once it is dry I can remove the block and trim and stitch it together. Sound so easy doesn't it.

I am also working on a set templates for a vinyl version, but it's going to require stiffeners plates bonded to the sides panels. In vinyl the material thickness will be less of an issue and it should be easier to work with than leather.

Design challenges are fun stuff! Beats work any day, no imagination permitted there.

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