URGENT HELP NEEDED. Rebound 25 problem


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I created a nice mold of my mr helmet. It wasnt perfect. Either the mother was not quite right, or the mold was too thin on top, I got a lot of 'wavyness' in the dome. I created another.

On my VERY LAST coat, It didnt cure right. Now, Im not sure why. I noticed that the silicone was 'thicker' and I assumed that it was just the last batch I had done had thixotropic in it.

So it didnt cure totally. its sticky. I mixed another batch, and use it on something else, and it cured, so I must have had the balance just out of wack.

I put a thin coat all over, of the properly cured silicone before work today, but I havent been home yet.

Is there any way to fix/help/cure/un-sticky it so this 150 dollars worth of silicone isnt wasted?

Any ideas? Im concerned if its not fully cured, when I make the mother mold it will stick to it. and ruin the whole thing.

I havent checked the last coat I put on, if its slick when I get home, Ill find any stick spots left, and cover it with good silicone, but it sucks because this one was pretty good.

Is it common for this to happen? Or am I just that dumb.

Any input from you gurus would be GREATLY appreciated.



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I don't think there is a way to cure it. To my knowledge, what little there is on the subject, you just have to start over with it.


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Well, I agree Stormtrooperguy, I must have mis measured, or spilled some and not realized it.

I put another thin coat over it, and it seemed to smooth/cure it a little. its a little 'soft' in spots, but this was like coat 9, mainly to reinforce some undercuts, so it _shouldnt_ pose much of a problem, but im going to finish the mother and try it.

As far as I can tell, having cut away some of the base pieces, it seems to be fine integrity wise, but we will see:)

Thanks for the responses.


Oooo....coat 9?? I use rebound 25 quite often, and I'm usually good after 4 coats...9 coats is wasting your money bud! Even more so when it doesn't cure right. I'd go to Wal-Mart and get 3 nice sized measuring cups in the hardware section. They're around $.50 a peice. They really help to get the 1:1 perfect....that is too bad because that stuff is expensive..


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Yes, 9 was too much. but a large percent of it was on the helmet dome.

My last mold turned out pretty good, but the dome rippled when i was casting it.

So I did about 4-6 full coats, with an extra 3-4 on dome, and re-inforcing the cheeks/mandibles and the key holes.

I going to pour a clay solid of it tonight, and start my sculpting, cutting etc.

As far as I can tell, the overcoat sealed/solidified it enough. I only plan do do maybe 5 runs on this mold, and it was a test mostly.

Ill pull a resin of it before I fill it wlith liquid clay and pos *** to see if it worked out well.