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They are set up to print full size on 8.5" X 11 paper when to tell Acrobat to fit to page.

If you have any problems please let me know.


I printed on 8.5x11 and fit to page. forgive a noob here, but are the shin part 1 and shin part 2 supposed to overlap one another? 5'10'' 260lbs here I'm husky so I assume I will have to do some scaling up on the armor pieces. Thanks for your continued help with all this.

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Hey WOF I read through the entire thread to make sure I didn't miss anything. Every time I print each individual page is a slightly different scale when using "fit to page" in adobe reader. It makes it so virtually no 2 pieces fit together. Each page also has slightly different "margins" between the border and the paper edge. Just wondering if you know a fix or what could be causing this.

If one side is aligned the alignment gets worse and worse as it moves away from the alignment point.

Edit: it was a loose piece in the printer causing alignment issues. Using another printer the problem was solved.
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Glad you found the issue, because I was stumped, I have never seen that problem before.

Good luck, please let me know if I can be of any help.



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Hi guys,

I need help scaling 5-9' to A0 size. Much easier for me to print and cut all the parts in 1 or 2 A0 paper.

Apologies if I'm giving trouble..


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First timer here, I'm having trouble figuring out what size is what. I'm trying to find the size for my son (about 50" and 50lb)? Each one I open doesn't seem to have a size listed on it.


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Maybe because you cannot print the whole belly into one sheet. So you have to glue both sheets of paper and then cut the sintra/pvc.