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Well, I finally finished converting my Jango Fett Armor CAD files into PDF format. Added a few new sizes



New PDF Template Files Added 6/16/2015 - See Attachments



  • Jango Armor 6-7 Part 1 Legal.pdf
    78.4 KB · Views: 21,099
  • Jango Fett Armor 6-3.pdf
    1.7 MB · Views: 11,082
  • Jango Fett Armor 6.pdf
    1.6 MB · Views: 9,981
  • Jango Fett Armor 5-9.pdf
    1.5 MB · Views: 9,276
  • Jango Fett Armor 5-7.pdf
    526.9 KB · Views: 7,380
  • Jango Fett Armor 5-6.pdf
    1.5 MB · Views: 6,960
  • Jango Fett Armor 5-3.pdf
    1,012.4 KB · Views: 7,677
  • Jango Fett Armor 4.pdf
    2.1 MB · Views: 9,177
  • Jango Armor 6-7 Part 3 3D COD Letter.pdf
    71.5 KB · Views: 6,493
  • Jango Armor 6-7 Part 2 Letter.pdf
    137.4 KB · Views: 7,422
  • Jango Fett Armor 6-5 Part 1 Std.pdf
    160.4 KB · Views: 6,510
  • Jango Fett Armor 6-5 Part 2 Legal.pdf
    54 KB · Views: 6,363
  • Jango 3d 6 Cod.pdf
    65.7 KB · Views: 7,495
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Just an idea...

You could try setting up a free website at www.freewebs.com which would allow you to host the files out of your personal space. There is a transfer limit of 100mb per month but that should not be to much of a problem.

I tried to set up a Freewebs site, they have a number of restriction and file size limitations. Some of the restrictions apparently are removed after a week. We'll have to wait and see.

WizardofFlight! My friend!

You have one-upped even the "Sniffer" himself with your precision. Everyone has a different body type and you have included most on a broad spectrum! Good job my friend!

The Sniffer Abides
I made a cod of the templates. Made it out of paper and taped the curved edge around. Cut the curved edge off and transfered it to plastic. CA glued the plastic top to the curved piece and used body filler on the edge. Got the raised portion by countersinking a pop rivet on the raised piece and spacing it off the base with a couple of small pieces of plastic. Body filler on those edges and it's all done. Hope it helps


patiam69 said:
has anyone made the cod off these templates? please post a pic if so. please please please
I am soooo happy I used the search feature and found these! Thanks wizardofflight! Today, when I get home I start my long journey into Jango-hood.

These are working out great for me so far. Thanks for making them.But I'm stuck on the back armor plate. I know it's different than Boba's with the curve and all but I've never actually seen jango's. What does the curve look like? Is it concave? If so then how deep? I did a search and all I've come up with is that it's different.:confused
knee armor is missing from the templates.

Any updates lately WOF?

Do you have the flat layouts done yet for the gauntlets? even if you have the measurements laid out it would be a start!

Metal takes longer to layout than fiuberglass! But it last longer!

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