UK paint suggestions / Painting tutorial...

Reverend Scapegoat

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Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for paint for a Boba helmet in the UK? Halfords or similar, I assume - But which specific shades? If anyone knows off the top of their head, I'd appreciate it.
Also, I've found a few ex-tutorials on here... I say "Ex" because all the images to go with the text have disappeared, or all the links in the tutorial are 404ing now.

Am I missing one up-to-date and working link somewhere?


fett uk

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Rev, you wont find anything at Halfords (been there done that:( ) give hanhunter a PM he painted an excellent MSH in the rotj scheme. For my lid i used Humbrol dark green for the dome (not entirly accurate but looks good enough for me), hunter green (B&Q) for the back, sorry cant remember what red i used and the upper cheek i mixed useing printers ink and dryers (advantage of working at a printers).
Good luck
Jon BH1195