Trying to get a lock on these colors -- thoughts please


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Hi All, I am trying to get a lock on the colors used in this photo.. Unfortunately Dark Horse only stated was a darker red etc...

After looking at it closer.. and comparing it to Boba.. I wonder if the Box Car red would be appropriate for the mandibles?

The armor itself to me looks like some form of gun metal coloration.

thoughts please.

It looks a little too orange to be the boxcar red. Maybe mix that with something else. Also the armor is a little too blue for gun metal. Maybe a a light steel blue color over a silver base then black washed to darken.
Nope it's Jango before the blue/silver - which is also apparently supposed to be same as Jaster - according to Dark Horse.
ive goten that color b4 by mixing paints just for fun. as a matter of fact i still got the mixture behind me on my prop table. its a mixture of insignia yellow & i think insignia red. all i know for cirtain is the mix was a yellow & a red. both are model master acrilics.
I will keep that mixture in mind, I will be doing a lot of testing before applying to my helm.

Once I have my new stalk, I will be able to set that up and get moving with primers, then black, then silver as I've seen done in other posts :)
Kivas, that's a tight color scheme for doing a variation on Jango!!!!! Now I wish I had the idea first cuz I would totally go for that since I like the idea of a custom Mando. Let me know if you decide not to do it.;)

I certainly don't hold the pattent on it :)
I've know since I saw the color in Open seasons that was definitley what I wanted to do. I am just waiting for my rf stalk then I can start with the painting process.
that color kinda reminds me of my car color....

its an orange/red color...i saw a color pretty close to the color your looking for...its by Krylon...i'll find the color for ya...but, its very close to the one in the picture...;)
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