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Here's an easy way to make your own set of chest/collar armor and shoulder bells for under $20. You will need two STERILITE plastic garbage cans (available at Wal-Mart). Get one 13 gallon and one 8 gallon. Use the 13 gal trashcan to make the chest/collar armor as well as the abdomen and center diamond pieces. Use the 8 gal trashcan to make the shoulder bells. I actually used the 8 gal trashcan for my abdomen piece because the curvature fit me better. These garbage cans are oval shaped which gives the armor the proper curve for it to fit your torso. You will need a set of armor templates for tracing onto the cans as well as a pair of needlenose pliars, tin snips, and a hobby knife. By adjusting the position of the templates on the trashcan you can achieve the proper curve on both the x and y axis for the chest armor. The pictures should be pretty self explanatory. Trace the armor onto the garbage can. Cut the pieces apart using the tin snips. LEAVE ABOUT 1 INCH OF EXCESS PLASTIC AROUND THE TRACINGS OF EACH ARMOR PIECE. Next take your hobby knife and 'score' the plastic along the tracings of the armor. After you have done this you should be able to snap away the excess plastic using the needle nose pliars and you will be left with a nice clean edge around your armor. If you have any questions PM me and I will be glad to answer them. Oh and these garbage cans are really tough so you dont have to worry about your armor cracking.






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WOW now that's cool! I'll have to check out the smaller bathroom size trash cans for Jango leg armor. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

Great!! :D

will they fit on ur vest? I mean, I made my armor out of cheapo plexi-glas, but to make an excellent fit, youd need to be able to fold an A4 paper around a football... if ya know what i mean, there for its impossible to make the backplate out of oen piece of plexi-glas, so myn is a 2 piece alluminium construction.

same goes for teh collar plate, I had to bend myn a little in teh center to get more of a /\ -form

great idea, think i'll try that out soem day! :)

could you show more pics when theyre attached to teh vest?
I officially state in this post that I have seen it all now. I NEVER would have even conceived an idea as brilliant as've got a great set of armor there and definitely the MOST original idea I've seen to date (y)

wow that is awesome, I never would have thought of that. You might have to work with the collar to cuve it to your shoulders.
THIS is brilliant!!!! This is the sort of stuff I LOVE to see here at TDH! Talk about using your imagination to make something that kicks arse!
Man if only i used this sooner i could saved some money...WOW! nice idea man, very nice idea (talk about thinking outside the box) :lol: i wonder what will come up next here in TDH. :lol:

Nice to see armour that you can pick up and huck at the wall without worrying about it shattering like glass when it get's there...

*dashes to Wal-Mart to buy himself a trash can!*

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