To those with a Hand-Schaub Jango....


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What are you all doing with the bare metal (i.e., the dome, back, cheeks) to give it a uniform color and finish? I most definitely do not want to paint anything silver (kinda defeats the purpose of having an all-metal helmet), but I'd still like to get the metal as close to screen accurate as possible.

I know that Vince is using Scotchbrite. What are the rest of you doing?
Hey, long time, no see, Squirk!:D I have one of these bad boys!! Beautiful piece of work! Now, are you talking about just polishing up the metal to a really eye-piercing shine, or are trying to get the dirty-silver look? If it's the latter of the two, you might want to give aluma-black (sp*) a try. I wasn't familiar with the product myself, until one of the other metal artisans on the board suggested it to me. The best place to find the product would probably be at your local gun shops, and I know you're familiar with those!;)
Well, I'm looking for a more uniform color to the dome. Mine has subtle variations of gray. I don't want to call it mottled, but it's definintely not as unifom as what I see on my Jango poster and life-size cutout.

Dirtying the silver should be no problem.
I know this is an old thread, but just out of curiousity since Hand-Schaub is in the process of putting together another run, what kind of conclusion did you come to as far as bringing the finish of your Jango helmet to an uniform tone, before you added the weathering that is? Maybe you, H-S or any one else can shed some light on the different methods used or obsticales faced with an all aluminum helmet.


Wire wheel and sandpaper. I provide a wire wheeled finish which tends to be a bit dull (sort of like stainless steel is). It's similar to resin in that the more you sand the smoother the surface. you can buff it out too. One helmet I buffed with an industrial buffer and wax... damn it is shiny! It is the only one I did to such a luster. Obi1kenny owns it to this day... fuunny - the king has the shiniest of crowns :)
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