Those damn ESB barrel clamps?


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Well I gave up my search after buying various clamps and none turned out to be any good once they arrived!

Has anyone found a close match for both the rear and front ESB barrel clamps?
Likewise.I gave up this year after looking and buying for over two years. I just decided to custom make mine from some 18gauge stainless steel I have in my shop.
As I stated in my thread earlier this year, we can have a hose clamp company make a custom clamp to anything we want. The trouble is determining what exactly they look like. I don't think an actual style has been determined. I'd love to have something for mine!!! :)
I custom made mine as well. It would be great to cutom arder some especially because we know the block size and scope to measure off of. Only thing is that even with such a simple things as rings - there have been many good - but different- vrsions. What to decide on as a group????
The front and rear clamps are not only different designs, but also different sizes - so two types of clamp would have to be manufactured.

I have some ideas about them, but haven't looked at my research for a long while.

The rear one could be a solid band "crimp style" clamp, that you close with a special tool - or - it could be like the one I found which was claimed to be from an aircraft exhaust system.

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