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Discussion in 'Expanded Universe Bounty Hunters' started by KenChan, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Lexmav

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    Love this thread. I am in the process of making my own 1313 Fett. working on the helmet now using a cold cast FPH 2 mold. Can I hit you up with questions, about the soft goods for the build, if you don't mind?
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  2. KenChan

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    Yeah absolutely dude! Feel free to shoot me a PM whenever!

    So this build has sort of evolved again so to say since my last update.
    I wanted to do something new with 1313 while keeping somewhat true to its feel and story of the game where Boba slowly pieces his armor together, so I added extra some chest plates and a cod piece to the suit as well as a few parts from my ESB boba that ill be starting a thread for soon

    Forgive the banged up ab plate in the con photos. The EE-3 wasnt too kind to it and its since been painted again






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