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I find myself in a very unusual situation! Since I'm waiting on ear parts to finish helmet number 57, I have helmets number 57 and 58 at the exact same stage of completion! :D
Here they are side by side.

Number 57 is on the left in all pics. It's a Fugly kit from Wasted Fett's molds, cast by the owner, BudaFett. It's a screen used ESB version.

Number 58 is a second gen casting from RS Propmasters and it's an SE.

I just thought it would be interesting to see them together.

IMG_20211122_120736_839.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_848.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_852.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_879.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_883.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_893.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_914.jpg IMG_20211122_120736_917.jpg


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I like to give the ear base colors at least 24 hours to cure before I tape them off for the markings, so I'm working on a couple of the accessories.
Here are the RF (pre-assembled by RS Props) and the Elstree Precision Borden piece.
I still need to add the rust stains on the RF stalk.

20211125_094639.jpg 20211125_094701.jpg

TI Wingman

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Here are the final pics of helmet number 58! :D
This was the first RS Propmasters Fett kit I've worked on, and the quality is great.
These 2nd generation castings build up into such nice looking SE lids!
Thanks for following along with the build.

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As usual, I'll be back before long with another helmet project!
This is art.
This helmet will be the best helmet for me.
superjedi Thank you very much.
I am very happy to add your work to my collection.