Superjedi's MCR-ESB Ears


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I'm between commissions for now, so I actually had time to complete a project for... myself! :p

This is an excellent set of machined aluminum ears from Machinecraft Replicas. They're extremely well made, with very sharp details. Prep is pretty simple with these. I detailed that part in my ear prep & mounting tutorial a few weeks ago.

I got them finished up over the last several days and now I have them on display (dismounted) with the rest of my Fett collection.

An MCR-ESB helmet kindly offered to model the ears for all of you. ;)

Here's the left ear.

20201123_065120.jpg 20201123_065212.jpg 20201123_065146.jpg

The lower RF ear is next. I should note that no silver paint was used on this piece. All the silver damage is scratched through to bare metal.

20201121_102411.jpg 20201121_102349.jpg 20201121_102243.jpg

Finally the upper RF ear parts. On these, 90% of the silver damage is scratched through to bare metal, with only a couple of the very fine scratches done with a fine liner brush.

20201122_100505.jpg 20201122_100623.jpg 20201122_100606.jpg

These parts will definitely add some authentic metal shine to your ESB or SE bucket. I enthusiastically recommend them!
Thanks for looking. (y)