Superjedi's Fugly ESB for BudaFett


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Here is number 57 all finished!
This was a Fugly kit that was cast by the owner, BudaFett, from Wasted Fett's molds.
This build includes a metal RF stalk and Borden piece.
It was painted as a screen used ESB version.
As usual, this was a lot of fun to work on, and it will soon be on its way to its new home!
Thanks for following along with the build.

IMG_20211215_181624_550.jpg IMG_20211215_181624_614.jpg IMG_20211215_181624_556.jpg

IMG_20211215_181624_599.jpg IMG_20211215_181624_581.jpg

IMG_20211215_181624_596.jpg IMG_20211215_181624_593.jpg IMG_20211215_181624_585.jpg

The helmet will soon be on its way to a happy life in sunny Florida! :p


Thanks very much!
Unbelievable job! Looks perfect. I've just bought a fugly kit and was going through your work. I think I'm going about the masking/stencil process all wrong. I thought the stencils were just references to eyeball but is there a process to putting those on the helmet and shooting the paint to reflect the exact image? I had a very difficult time eyeballing the stencils and now it seems like I'm an idiot and didnt utilize those correctly. Would love to hear your advice on how to transfer the stencils to the helmet if that is how you do this. Thanks!


Here's a thread that shows how I use the templates. As I say in the thread, this is just the way that works best for me. (y)

Thread 'Template Sizing Tutorial' Template Sizing Tutorial
You're the man. I seen you've explained it 1000 times already. Very sorry for that. Thank you for pointing me in the right place. I tried searching around but couldn't find the info until now. This method would make my life so much easier