Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for JJRitter


Sr Hunter
Hi everyone,
Back with another ESB helmet commission for Jjritter. He's not a member here, but he's a Fett fan from Facebook.
This will be my 33rd ESB and it's going to be an SE version, which I don't get to do very often. So it'll be fun getting to do the extra damage. :)

This one is an FPH2 kit from Wasted Fett and it's the usual great quality that he's been producing.

Right now, things have been prepped and primed, and the first color is on the back panels. Here are a couple of shots of where things stand as of this afternoon. First, the major pieces, with the helmet and ears in primer.


Here's a rear view with the Concrete airbrushed on.


Much more on the way!


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
Due to the customer's desire to go in another direction with his costume, I won't be continuing with this helmet.
It happens sometimes. But i'm sure I'll be back with another before too long. (y)