Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for CDYoung


Sr Hunter
Finished! :D
ESB helmet commission number 40, in the 40th anniversary year of The Empire Strikes Back! (y)

This has been fun to work on, as with all my ESB helmets. Thanks to Cdyoung for trusting me with his gear! And thanks to everyone who followed along and asked questions. I hope this thread has been entertaining and informative.
Now on to the final pics!

20200202_090946.jpg 20200202_091008.jpg 20200202_091207.jpg 20200202_091041.jpg 20200202_091153.jpg 20200202_091110.jpg 20200202_091055.jpg 20200202_091124.jpg

I hope to be back soon with another ESB bucket!


Sr Hunter
Thanks guys!

I switched from a black to a white backdrop in my tabletop studio because I feel like it gives a truer view of the colors. The black backdrop seemed to "eat" some of the subtleties in the weathering.