Superjedi's costume. . . so far


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Hi all,
I got some new pieces in this week. So I wanted to put on everything that I had so far and my wife snapped some pictures this afternoon. Don't know how she focused on me with her eyes rolling like they were, but she got a couple of decent shots. :lol:
Anyway, here are the pics.

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Looks like your off to a nice start. You should have the mods move this to the Sarlacc Pit. Did you paint those pieces yourself?
Thanks guys!
TK-Fett, yes, I painted the helmet and gauntlets myself.
I also just got an ammo belt from Rimshot, and I'm in the process of weathering it :)
Thats a sweet paint job on the bucket!
It's coming togehter great!
Keep the progress pic's coming...

PS: laughed out loud about the wifes eyes rolling back.... seen that before from my wife...
Rednave said:
Great work! :cheers My wife rolls her eyes too!
Oh no. . . you don't understand. Her eyes actually rolled so hard they fell right out of her skull and went bouncing across the floor. Took us almost an hour to find the right one. It was under the sofa! It was a little dusty, but we rinsed it off and popped it back in and it was good as new. :lol: :lol:
Yes that's a BM suit and vest. His stuff is great!
And Desloc. . . sheesh! I forgot to put my neck on for the pic. Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to look around for it. :)
UPDATE: Feb 19th
Hi all,
Didn't realize it had been so long since I added any progress shots to this thread.
Here's where I'm at as of today. Basically my whole lower body is done. All I need is the torso armor (chest/collar/back/shoulders) and I'm finished! :D
Oh yeah, I do have some Wookiee braids, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to attach them to the vest, so they're not shown in these pics.





bigsexyc420 said:
good work man! Whered u get the cod and knees from?
The cod and knees are FP vac-formed pieces that I bought 2nd hand from someone else on the board. But I did all the construction and painting. :)
That looks fantastic so far.. (y) and the 'go away' mat is a nice touch as well..

I was looking forward to this :D

oh and don't forget I'm expecting a jet pack tutorial out of you some day down the line..

Awesome job on everything.. and glad to see you can still hold a pose with the snickering and comments I'm sure you were receiving :)
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