Studio Scale 15” Jet Pack Patterns


even with my own scratch build it has that flared look, I used screen shots to do all my templates and some measurements from Raf as well, keep looking at screen shots as I find that is always helpful.
good luck as I know from my first build was a big challenge, and as I thought it looked good, it ended up in the fire after my current make.:)


Hi Malkavian
if Iam correct it is 70mm PVC tube that I used, but thats the best i could find size wise, but if I am correct with my screen shots it should be 3 inches or about 76mm, but the 70mm I was lucky the caps that I had Previously made fit spot on. still i say Raf is the best to decide.


is there any problem with making the pack and then later once I have the frame and the back panel and then cut the brackets in to the jet pack and hide the attachments????

Keep it light! and if you are using the original style harness to go with the pack pay close attention to where the hooks go (y)


Thought id load my beginning pictures of my pack using your templates. thoughts?
I didn't take a lot of step by step pics it started coming together so fast that I got super excited.


Question the spot where the top "deck" of the jetpack meets the vertical pack of the pack is it supposed to be a sharp angle there or an eased fillet there?
I've seen pictures going either way. anyone chime in on a 501 point of view?
if it is to be eased anyone have a good idea of how to do so and keep it light? thinking putting that much bondo will make it heavy.


Jr Hunter
the top deck should have a fillet going to the curved backing, the fillet doesn't need to be big. The backing should have some nice curves to it.


Hey guys,
i got some big sizing issues....
first there is the Letter to A4 problem...after a while it seems to be okay for me. I have to print everything "split to multiple pages" and scale at "66,2%".
Now that i've lost every faith in myself i have an idiot question....just to make sure!
If we talk about 15" to 17" jetpack size (43cm in my case) we talk about these measurement, right?!

Top not bottom
Jetpack Size.jpg


New Hunter
Studio Scale 15” Jetpack Patterns

I have finally posted the studio scale 15” wide jet pack Beta Version patterns, they are still a bit rough. I haven’t yet had the chance to cut and paste this baby together and I don’t know when I’ll get the chance in the next couple of months, but I didn’t want to just sit on them so here they are.

If anyone gives them a try, let me know and I’ll help work out any issues that might pop up.

Well I have finally converted the files to standard 8.5 X 11, it took 56 pages to capture it all. This is a PDF file that will print out full size, there are a few sheets in the begining that show how to pieces together the puzzle. One area that might cause some confussion are the panels that cover the side tanks. The covers needed two pages, but only a small section is on the second page. I will try to post a pic showing how the two sheets fit together.

And here's the result. The pattern really helped me out here. Thanks very much for that.