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Boba Fett, Vader, Biker and TK Studio Photograph's

Hey guy's!

I had to share these pix which were taken this weekend by a friend of mine who is a studio photographer. I have to say she did a great job for us.
I'm the ESB Fett and my fellow 501st Carida member's in the pix are Frank Bedo - Darth Vader, Gary Haerter- Stormtrooper and Andrew Parmet- Biker Scout:

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the standard of Fett costumes is becoming outstanding. Along with just one other member of this board, your costume is one of the best screen accurate costumes i think i have seen. Your jump suit is great, the colour is spot on.

I am so jealous of you ;)

the photos are great.
WOW!!! I gotta say that I am VERY impressed!!! Incredible looking pics there. Quick question: What bucket are you using??? I love the way that you have most of your neck showing just as we see in many of the ESB shots. Alot of ESB guys, (myself included) have difficulty getting that to look right. Again, great suit & pics;)
Wow Darryl, your suit looks great! The ESB jumpsuit has to be one of the hardest parts to get to look right, and yours looks spot on. Great job(y)
One thing that really stands out is the weathering, it's very easy to go overboard with this, or way too little... but you've managed to get the balance right. Costume looks very nice;)

Wow! Guy's (and gal's;)..) Thank you !!:D

I gotta tell ya... I really was not expecting this kind of response....
I have spent countless hours on TDH since I started this project back in Jan, and I have seen so many quality Fett suit's on here that I could only wish I could get mine close to their's.
This could not have been done without the help, talent, input, support and friendship I have gotten from you guy's.(y)
DAZ! (y) Thank's bro! You, Lee, Mardon, Rex and Tim (psberetta) are awesome prop maker's! :cheers

JK! Thanks for the cudo's! I bought the helmet on e-bay last year. I can't remember the seller's name, but it was the only one he had, and he said it was a MH. Still not sure about that.

mrgr8ness! Thank's for the ammo belt!(y) Sorry ya missed the Syracuse event. Woulda been nice ta meet ya!

Bob! Thank's bro! I know I still owe you my 501st card. I promise you'll get it before I finish my Fett!:D

Thank's again hunter's!:cheers
Those are great! And yes, where did you get the jumpsuit? That is great! I am working on an ESB Fett and would love to have one like that.
AWESOME, AWESOME shots!!! I only wish I had some like that of mine......

I agree the first one should be used in a promotional's just too good not to(y)

Those are great! And yes, where did you get the jumpsuit? That is great! I am working on an ESB Fett and would love to have one like that.

Thanks TB! The jumpsuit is from Bobamaker.
The weathering I did is a combo of watered down clothing paint (black mixed with some brown) applied by misting with a spray bottle and some black airbrushing.
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