stormtrooperguy's rotj armor rattlecan colors


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Not to change the thread or anything, your colors and paints are amazing but where did you get your ROTJ gloves? I really want a set!!:p


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Would ESB gauntlets be spruce green or hunt club green or something else all together? I'm looking for a rattle can match....


I can't seem to get it right....maybe it's just me lol I don't know. uploadfromtaptalk1456717919378.jpg


any chance you still have these pictures???

Since there seem to always be threads about paint colors for RotJ, I figured I'd create some search-fodder.

This is just what i like. This isn't "right". You might hate the results. The cans might explode, sending shrapnel into your eyes. I'm not to blame for any of that!! Enough folks have said they like my suit that I guess it's at least ok.

Personally, I think you should seek out the colors that YOU like best, rather than just trusting someone else to make the decision. It's your armor, so make it you YOU want it, not how I want it!

Also note that I'm not mentioning anything about the subtle weathering... mists of grey and brown, graphite powder, razor scratches, etc...

This is my armor:


And here's what I used (sort of):


Grey primer
Metallic Silver
Line Striping Yellow
Spruce Green
Hunt Club Green
Flat black

My armor is metal, so it was already silver. Assuming you're working with something non-metal, do the standard prime and coat silver thing.

The line striping yellow is an inverted can, so you spray upside down. But it's the best match to the color that I've been able to find in a spray can.

After the yellow, I do a layer of Spruce green on the ab plate only. This is for the light scratches where the rifle stock hits the armor.

The hunt club green is the finish color, with black misted fairly heavily in some areas, as can be seen in the photos.

For the shoulders and knees, I use these:


Line Striping Yellow
True Orange
Summer Squash

Line striping yellow, with misted layer orange. For the weathering on the knees, I use the summer squash for the layer between the silver and the yellow/orange.


And for the gauntlets, I revisit some colors from the helmet: black and claret wine (please excuse the bad composite here. the primer is implied ;) )


Real simple... silver, masking, flat black then claret wine, with a bit more black misted on top.


On the note of the "subtle weathering" that I didn't get into above - don't forget that you always want to use a matte clear coat to seal it all and dull down any gloss. Satin, gloss... it doesn't matter what the finish of the paint is, as long as you have a good clear coat.

Testor's Dullcote is my favorite. I've never had a bad reaction with the paint underneath it, so that's a plus.

That being said, if you can't get the dullcote anything should do. Be careful - clear coats can mess up the paint underneath if you don't carefully follow instructions, including letting all of the layers underneath cure properly.

Also note that products change regularly... Some of these paints are 4+ years old. You might not be able to find exact matches anymore.
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