stormtrooperguy's rotj armor rattlecan colors


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So here's a picture of the rattle cans that MasterBlaster23 used on his Father In-law ROTJ Fett build.
These were all available at Home Depot and should be still available...


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To me, the ROTJ knees always look to be a (weathered) orange shade, with yellow highlights around the chipped paint/exposed silver. I haven't found a good looking rattle can yellow...

Do not use yellow or orange on shoulder and knee armor,
for rattle can use Bauhaus gold and misted with brown, the brown
has to be closer to rust brown than chocolate brown. the secondary color
around the silver, hand paint it using beige or crème color :)


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Back in my day, they use to call it "School Bus Yellow" for the main color, then another pale color (between yellow and beige) for the marks around the scratches and dents. Then lightly mist it and/or airbrush some medium brown (with those dented/scratched areas masked), you will have that effect.