stormtrooperguy's rotj armor rattlecan colors


WOW! stormtrooperguy I love the color scheme of your armor, think i´ll do the same with mine! thank you for showin this!!!


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This is AMAZING, someone needs to make a "color chart" like when you were kids... like with a coloring page. (ha ha) Has someone made a rattle can list for the jet pack?

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I used Bauhas gold blue from rusto, flat white rusto american accents...claret whine rusto american accents...flat black rusto american accents...silver obviously also rusto....rusto camo earth brown and kahki for the dirt and what not on the pack....


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I can't wait to get started on this project. With great information like this most of the guess work is taken out. Now I just have to find myself some armor so I can get cracking.
Hey Astro Builder! Looking good so far, but I think you could even stretch it more! I see big scarring (which is great!) but I don't see any micro scratches. taking a needle or something to scratch on some silver scratches or show skid marks or something would greatly emphasize grit and damage (in a more realistic sense).

Also, I see scorching around the edges but looks too even. I want to see variation (some patches would get more exposure in some spots of the armor than others)!

Anyway that's my two cents. Either way you did a great job!


I am being dead serious when i say this... You are one of most talented painters i have seen on the dented helmet man your on a roll! Perhaps you could make a tutorial or direct me to one?

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A couple of questions:

What is the color used in the center diamond? Is that silver or grey?


Did I see mention of a rattle can tutorial for the ROTJ helmet as well?

EDIT: Found the answers.
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Might have to play trial and error....thing is with these colors...theyre not exact to the colors used in an really can get a cheaper single action airbrush and compressor and then airbrush just like you would with a rattle can but with more precision and the correct colors for a little more then what youd pay for rattle cans and be able to fade and mix colors....