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As many of you know, a considerable group of us have caught the SST bug and have bought our own Starship costumes. Just wondering how many people have a set of armor (or anything SST related) and how many might be bringing them to Dragon Con!!!

Here is a pic TK409 was kind enough to fix up for me from Mega Con.

StarChild said:
You guys are really making me want a Starship Trooper outfit.


$1350 (or $1750 for an A grade suit) and you too can own one!!!

Just go here.

You want to talk to "Nancy." She is pretty darn cool.

There have been a few on eBay recently but be warned, most of these are SST2 and lack some of the original SST parts! Make sure you ask BEFORE bidding!
If you are a REALLY picky person (like me) this is a VERY satisfying suit because it IS SCREEN USED. I mean, you just really can't GET any more accurate! No worrying about it! Just adjust it to fit and go. Now I won't even begin to tell you about the mile long list of stuff I have to do to mine before D*C but that is another matter... ;) In the short time I have had this costume, it has brought me more satisfaction than pretty much any other I have owned!

Not only is it very cool to own screen used but these suits are very comfortable! They are all rubber! Nothing to break! Sooooooo much nicer than trooper armor which is a constant PITA even if you adjust it all right....
And what is totally kick butt is when someone says nice costume, did you make it, or the like, there is nothing better than saying, this suit was actually used in the movie! That is just the coolest! People are really amazed by that.
Didn't they also use those suits for the Power Rangers "Lost Galaxy" series? I just saw an episode again with my son on Saturday. Looks almost exactly like the ST suits.

Lookin' great guys! :)

Yup, they are the real deal! My pants were actually worn by Dina Meyer "Dizzy". And yes, the armor has been used in several other shows- there was a thread over on the RPF not too long ago talking about all the other shows that it has been used in.
You got Dizzy's pants? That's awesome! Sheesh, now I need a suit... I should probably get the movie, too. I haven't seen it since 1997! :p
Must... resist... voices in... head...
Man, I can hear my wallet screaming...! ;)

Now, are those grade A or B suits? Rubber Moritas?

oh suuuure, the commanders get the cool pics, the commanders get the cool avatars....what does Yomen Gurk and Senor Expendable get ? NOTHING...!!!!


awesome pic ! Is chris doing anymore for us other troopers ?!!?
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