spray cans


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don't use them, except for black, you don't know what you're getting judging by the cap, the people who sell them wont be able to tell you either...

only safe one to use is black for misting, stick with that!!

I sprayed some red on my gauntlets... damn... some transparant, bright, shiny red you would't paint a power ranger with... tommorow its back to the brush and pots of paint... brush stripes will be minimum with the right brush and some black wash and black misting.... I hate spraying paints....
Thats because its not red its Maroon, or burgundy. I dont know if you have access to rustoleum/Krylon or Testors. But there the best I have seen as far as being true to color. you cant pay attention to the cap as much as you have to research the color of the paint.
well I'll just hand paint it on and then wash it up with some colours... should be enough, worked for my bucket and jet pack...

only spray cans available here are a scrace amount of Tamiya colours and the spray cans from the local hardware store but thats.... not to good a quality...
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