Looking for a spray body filler


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I'm looking for something in a rattle can that's essentially filler, almost like a thick layer of primer or thinned Bondo. I know some autobody pros that use something like this that they spray on with those expensive spray guns, but I believe there is a similar product in a rattle can... just don't know the brand or name state-side. Any help would be appreciated.

Why I need it... I have sculpts in 2lb. foam that are covered with polyester resin. But, even after sanding with sand paper, primer, etc. the surface is just not as smooth and blemish free as I would like. Short of covering the whole thing with Bondo and sanding, I'm at a loss.


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I know Duplicolor makes a "scratch filling" primer. Maybe a few coats of that would work.
You should be able to find it at most places like AutoZone or Checker.

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filler primer? I usually use a 2 part epoxy filler primer shot out of an HVLP. You should be able to get it in a rattle can. I use Dupont.