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Hey folks,
So many people always asking about how snaps work. Having realized some time ago that it is impossible to put it into words, I finally posted a tutorial.

It's alot of information and it's not all well-laid out yet.

Please give it a look, read through it, let me know if there's anything that is unclear, could be better, or if I've left anything important out.

Check it out at:

Just click on 'tutorials' then on 'snaps'

Thanks for looking, I appreciate it,

Great tutorial JMP. But you might also want to include that the snap kit may be avalible in the sporting good section at Wal-Mart with the camping gear under the "Ozark Trail" brand.
Thats to funny. I was just looking at those snaps last night after reading your post over at the RPF. Thought you made it crystal clear but the tutorial is even better. Strong work Phil.
JMP you rock! :) Thanks to your explanation I thought I did everything right and after reading some more and seeing pics I now feel more comfortable in knowing I did do it right. lol
Very good to hear guys! I felt like I was disgorging so much information that it would just overwhelm anyone who read it! lol...

I'll include that bit about sporting goods, I've never checked there. I plan to get a picture of the kit I used. If any of you are using different kits (that work the same way, in other words that my tutorial will help you use) please send a picture of the kit and a price estimate for it :)

Very happy that this helped everyone out! :)

Thanks for looking,
yeah, lose most of the velcro, you'll never regret it!

It's practical for some spots, namely the seams on the clamshell pieces, forearms, biceps and legs. But the nice thing about the snaps is that, say, on the upper bicep-to-shoulder strap part is that snaps will rotate and move with your arm. With both halves being circles they are stuck together but they still can rotate around, allowing greater movement without upsetting them.

You swing your arms with velcro and it's coming off before you're out the door!

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