slave1pilot's MS2 ROTJ helmet is finished


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thought I'd post up in here since my progress thread gets a little too long to read through
The first one is outside in the Sunlight
the second inside the garage with a flash (I gotta get a darker visor):lol:

outside bucket.jpg

see my face what a jackass.jpg

Jimmy BufFETT

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Looks great outdoors. But if I were figuratively in your shoes, I'd get a darker visor so the camera flash doesn't show your face. Well, that's just me, but I always like my face to be hidden.:facepalm


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ya, a darker visor would make a world of difference on it. Great job on your helm.
I'd get a darker visor so the camera flash doesn't show your face.
I'm just going to double up the visor I have. I still have a couple of those left
What paints did you use on it?

I used a mix of paints recommended by the people on the boards & my own experience
The base Silver is "Krylon Dull Aluminum"
The back of the helmet is "Colorplace Kelly Green" enamel rattle-can from Wal-Mart
The dome & lower cheeks is "Polly Scale Panzer Olive Green" acrylic with an airbrush
The mandibles are "Floquil Caboose" enamel airbrushed on, with "Floquil PRR Maroon" accents brushed next tothe scratches
The upper Cheeks are my own mix of colors. I used "Floquil Brunswick Green", "Floquil Light Blue",& a touch of "Polly Scale US Medium Green"
I know, the Brunswick green & Light Blue are enamels & the US Med Green is acrylic, but it worked.
Th Kill Stripes are "Colorplace Orange" enamel rattle-can from Wal-Mart
The weathering is "Floquil Grimy Black" airbrushed on & Cheap Wal-mart Acrylic Black craft paint mixed with Windshield Washer Fluid

I did all the paint in layers, adding clearcoats here & there to help seal it in. The scratches are all real or masked off before paint
The whole process took about 12-15 hours using the online reference pics as a guide
all the way, no SE here buddy!

Gonzo Fett

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Seriously Nate I didn't expect anything less from you. So how much longer til you grace us w/ an appearence in your Fett?
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