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I am looking to get some sintra from a local supplier but I need to know what thickness I need. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Also some insight as to what size I will need would help IE: 4'X8' etc.

And prices, so I know if I am getting ripped a new one, thanks all...

Er... do you mean the .120 gauge Mirax? 1/120th" seems way too thin. .120 gauge is approximately 1/8" which is a good thickness for Fett armor.
The Sintra that I am looking into getting comes in 4'X4' and 4'X8' sheets in color and in white.
I figured if I got the grey color, when I sprayed it I could scrape off the paint and already have the exact weathering I need. Any insight on this would also be appreciated.

P.S. white/black 4X4=$27.03
color 4X8=$63.65
I use the .120 thickness and it works great.. I also initially got 3 2'x4' sheets and that is mor than enough for the armor.. If you can get the sheets in 4 x 8 from your local dealer that might be cheaper than going through an online source. In order to get the 4 x 8 sheets where I went they have to charge a hefty freight charge du to the size.. Using the gray color sounds like a pretty good idea too.. Good luck.

In my limited experience, scraping off paint never works the way I want it to. I'd probably suggest using rubber cement, mustard, or tape to mask off the areas you want to look damaged and weathered. Then, just remove it, and there you go! The gray Sintra might work in this case, but I'd probably suggest using an aluminum paint as a base color to give it more of a metallic look. If you do use an aluminum or metallic paint as your base color, then any color of Sintra should work, including white. Hope that helps!
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