Shin Tools sintra or paterson


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I'm going to start on my shin tools soon. I know the Paterson squeegee is the thing to use but I'm also thinking about making my own out of sintra. I'm torn between screen accuracy and self made. I'd appreciate any opinions pro/con for either route. Thanks.


Buy the Paterson. It's seldom this easy to get a screen used part.
You will also need the cut away portion of the squeegee for the anti-security blade..


Replica for trooping/found part for display. That's just how I've always collected my parts. Learned it that way from my years in WWII reenacting.

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i would just buy the squeegee it will save on time of making one from scratch and you get another part for the security blade as level3fett said.


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I'm faced with the same problem myself. For me it's kinda a matter of cost. I have plenty of Sintra on hand, as well as kydex. I appreciate the advantage of the found part being still available. However, the cost of the squeegee and the chemical stirrer cost almost as much as the two 4X8 sheets of Sintra that I bought at the start of my build. With the exception of my back plate and collar, I've built my armor out of it and it will be a big component in my JP. So, for now, I think I'll go with the Sintra variant. Though realistically in the future I could see building the parts from the Patterson items. For my situation I'm just having to shave cost wherever I can.

good luck with your decision and there is an excellent build thread on here by the 5thHorseman for the Patterson route.