Bobamaker or 3dPlanetProps?


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Hello everyone,

Here is my 1st post on this forum which, I hope, will see my dream come true soon. I would like to embark on the great adventure of the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy, but my job takes up a lot of my free time. I'd like to move towards an easier solution to accomplishing an ESB Boba, and I've heard that the Bobamaker site is ideal for this.
So I contacted him, and the proposed price (around 6k5€) seems high but justified. However, I recently came across an offer on Etsy by 3dPlanetProps that offers a half price version. Sounds a little too good to be true to me, so I'd like to know if anyone had a recommendation on this.

In any case, a big thank you!
Welcome to the hunt.

You will probably be sacrificing accuracy and quality for a cheaper price if you go with the Etsy option.

Buy cheap, buy twice.
Yeah I agree with shortfuse. I haven't seen any of 3D Planet Props in the wild so I can't judge their quality or accuracy BUT I do know Boba Maker is one of the oldest and legit makers in the game. You can't go wrong with him.
As someone who has owned Bobamaker armor and soft parts , I can vouch for the quality and accuracy his items. He also sets a delivery date and hits it almost exact. I don’t know what his wait time is now , but I do know it is worth the wait. Good luck in the hunt, and welcome.
It seems you got your answers. But like Got2bfett 's experiences mine are also very positive with Boba Maker (Daz). I have Boba Makers entire (ROTJ) Armor, Helmet and Jetpack kit. I also have an Arkady Flight Suit, Imperial Boot's Fett Boots (Which sadly are no longer offered), Mike M's Gloves, and Sidewinders' EE-3 Blaster as well as a number of Machine Craft Replica's and QuestDesignCanada's metal greeblies.

One of the things I really liked about Boba Maker is that not only is it primed and ready to point right out of the box, but Daz includes all the little bits and bobs that you'd normally have to go searching for. An example is with his Gauntlets, here is how mine came...

And like others have mentioned before is, yes, it is a bit more on the expensive side but, that old saying holds true "You get what you pay for". All those things I mentioned above that save me time, I value.
-Time saved in researching extra parts needed to complete the build
-Having it primed and ready to paint, also a time saver.
Plus I've never had Boba Maker ghost me. Most of the time if I emailed him a question he got back to me within the hour and at worst the next day. Even post sale I had some concerns which he addressed immediately. The excellent customer service that I received, in my opinion does in no such way hurt his overall brand! Oh and he has quality pieces to boot - so there's that.

But yeah if you're like me, I went in thinking I'd spend about $1500. Yeah, plan to spend at least $2500 to $3000 on a quality base you can always upgrade as you go which is what I did and now I'm in for about $6500 with my kit.

Best of Luck!
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