Sintra or... METAL???


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I am going to begin work on a suit. I must be ready in time for the 2005 Dragoncon in Atlanta from Sept. 2-5. I was wondering if I should build it in sintra, or if I should use sheet metal and try it. Has anyone else tried sheet metal. If anyone can help me with anything on the suit (ex: helmet building) please let me know. Thank you.
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I too, am looking into getting some armor, but I don't have time to make it. Is the precut armor better in sintra or fiberglass? What is the best paint to use to paint and weather it. I know these are probably questions that have been gone over several times, but forgive the newbie.

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there is no such thing as precutting fiberglass. Fiberglassing is a technique used in a mold that was taken off a model of sorts.


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I'd go with FG over sintra, if you have the money. Buy a decent airbrush for your armor and use that to paint and weather it. There are some good tutorials around here for weathering.