Side-By-Side Comparison of Two Popular Helmets

Joren Fett

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Originally posted April 16, 2004 by Joren Fett:

It's been a while since I contributed anything new or valuable to this
great forum, so here goes. I've been meaning to post comparison pics
of some fiberglass helmets in their out-of-the-box form, and I took
these pics just a couple of months ago. Please share your thoughts!

• On the LEFT is a skygunbro helmet - from DP95 cast
• On the RIGHT is a judz dwedd helmet - from scratch-built original

NOTE: Click the images to open a larger pic in a new window.




For my needs, the judz dwedd helmet was the way to go. I've
been working on it for weeks now, and I'll post pics when I have
enough progress to make it worthwhile. I'm going to sell the
skygunbro helmet soon, and I'll be sure to offer it here before
it goes to eBay.

Joren Fett
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No one cares? Really? I thought there would be SOME interest in this helmet comparison.
Next time I contribute something new and valuable, I'll have to try a little harder. :p
I love the comparison shots...and it shows I made the right decision. When I was buying my helmet, it was between a skygunbro helmet and a JD helmet and I chose the JD helmet.
I bought a Judz Dwedd helmet on ebay and I am close to being finished. I have friend who is an electronics expert and is going to make my rangefinder moveable. Hope it turns out well. I'd share but I have no webspace to post it.
Is it just me, or does one helmet look larger than the other in one image, then smaller in another image? Either way, they look pretty close in size.

I got the Skygunbro bucket second-hand. I think I like the overall look of it better than the Judz Dwedd, although it is a bit lopsided in places (mine seems to be in better shape than the one pictured). The JD helmet definitely looks a little more polished, and seems to be a Jango helmet, so in hindsight, I may have gone with that instead, simply because I found Bondo to be a nightmare to work with. (It would have been better if I'd had some experience beforehand, I suppose...)

Still, I'm very content with my Skygunbro bucket. It fits quite well with a hard-hat liner installed (lots of room left for fans and a mic), and it's starting to look pretty good. Unfortunately, my skills with Bondo are matched by my skills in spray painting. It'll be awhile before I get the paint job looking respectable enough to show off.
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