Jango helmet comparison


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I got 2 Jango Fett helmets. Right is Wasted Fett, Left is Animefan. Why did I get 'two' Jango helmets you may be asking? I want to make one Jango, and one random Mandalorian with Maul design. They look practically the same, except for the "vent" in the back. I will be doing my own Maul design on one, and the other I may have someone doing Jango's paint job for me. Now it's been a while since I've posted on here, so I'm out of the loop a little. Several members haven't logged in in several years on here. Can anyone give me a guesstimation of who paints Jango helmets on here, and how much? I'd also want to see photos of their work beforehand, so I get an idea of their skill. And which helmet should be Jango? I'm somewhat leaning toward Animefan's because I may also want someone to install the vent and T-visor for me. And speaking of the T-visor, T-visor.com doesn't seem to be secure... any place else to get one?
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