Shoulder Stud found


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hey guys. i was looking arround this site, and found a link that had a "found" item about the shoulder stud. it had to do with the ESB costume and the LED light that was on the shoulder stud. here is the link if you would like to see it:
anyway....i was in Radioshack looking for a blinking LED light for my ROTJ gauntlets, and i saw a stud like blinking LED light. they look VERY close to the real deal. i'll try to find a pic, and post it...but...if anyone knows what i'm talking about, do you think this is what they used for all 4...oops...i mean 8...or...6...oh hell, i don't know how many they are. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: i think they might have taken out the led light and just put some bondo or something over the light.
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