Should I wear a respirator or just a dust mask..


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Should I wear a respirator or just a dust mask when I cut out the fiberglass visor area on my helmet? Would a plain cheap dust mask protect me enough or do I need to get one of those $30 respirators?


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Since you are probably going to be doing some sanding after you cut it out, I would invest in a good respirator. Even though it may seem like overkill, you want to avoid breathing in the glass fibers that you sand off. If you still feel like a dust mask may be enough, wet sand your helmet, keeping it wet as you sand will help reduce the amount of glass in the air ;)

Lynn TXP 0369

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If you get a dust mask, make sure it is rated for fiberglass.

Those cheap thin dust masks are of no use when it comes to fiberglass and offer no protection as they are not rated for fiberglass use.

The fiberglass ones look like the cheap ones but are really thick and are more padded.
They cost like $10 for 2 of them.