Shape of the ESB dent?


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What is the shape and width of the dent i n the ESB helmet? By shape I mean around the edge of the dent, I can look at pics of the screen used helmet for the inside of the dent details.

Is there an illustration of this somewhere so I can get a clear look? I have an Idea for making the dent in the helmet I'm scratchbuilding, and I really need to know the exact shape.

Thanks guys!
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Also, I need the exact placement of the dent :p

I dont want to finish it off and realize it's incorrect. Could someone circle the area for me?



Thanks! that will help greatly!

Assuming the line on the tape is the center of the dome, does my dent placement (drawn on in pencil, i'll enhance it if you cant see it) look ok?


I have been overlaying this pic with a pic of the screenused helmet in photoshop. looks like i have to make it less rounded at the top. I guess I'll be busy with the bondo :)
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