Scimitar's ESB WIP


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I figure it's about time to start one of these. This is going to be a slow build but I'm ok with that. I'll be building this kit with Level 2 certification in mind.

At this moment, unless some prepainted armor and gauntlets come up for sale, I believe I will be attempting to paint my own helmet, armor, and gauntlets.

So, The Parts List):
Helmet - ToEleven
Armor - ???
Jetpack - DVH Jetpack (Painted by DVH)
---------- MachineCraft Replicas Stabilizer, Beacon, Collar, Thruster Greeblies & Discs
---------- Full Metal Fett's Hooks & Clips
---------- 01Hawk's Dental Files
Jetpack Harness - On the wait list for Bigdane's next run
Gauntlets - ???
Cape - MoW Wool
Wookiee Braids - Woodman
Flak Vest, Neck Seal, Flight Suit, & Pouches - Arkady
Girth Belt - MoW
Ammo Belt - Delta13
Gloves - Mike M.
Sidearm & Holster - ???
EE-3 - Stormrider Signature Kit
Shin Tools - Paterson Squeegee & Chemical Mixer
Boots - ???
Toe Spikes - MachineCraft Replicas

Other Accessories:
Chest Light Kit - Fettronics
Rangefinder Servo Kit - ???
Rangefinder Light Kit - ???
Gauntlet Metal Bits - MachineCraft Replicas

Yesterday the first item arrived, my Mike M. gloves. These are extremely nice and arrived very quickly!

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Things are slowly trickling in, earlier in the week I got a squeegee and mixer to make the shin tools and yesterday my MoW cape and girth belt arrived.



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Found parts are the best parts!
Indeed! I won't be able to have them everywhere, but the goal is to have them where I can. I can always upgrade later too.


My ToEleven helmet arrived today. This is a very nice helmet!
Time to really start reading painting tutorials...



And of course I had to try it on.