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I just finished the chest display prototype. It is very small. It will be even smaller and thinner when the printed circuit boards arrive. Take a look. It is animated to match the ESB or ROTJ version.

Looks pretty cool ... but what's "Sci-fire"? Is this something you developed, or something you bought that is programmable? Sorry, don't recall ever hearing about it and it looks interesting. :)

I think he means They are the new kid on the block, offering some very cool rubber guns as well as a DP Dlx recast helmet.
Working on price. Right now the prototype is a bit bigger than we had hoped. The printed circuit board will shrink the base a bit. We are putting in a 10 position pot to make the version of chest display selectable. Should work out well.
The initial run will be between $70.00 to $90.00. Not quite sure because we haven't gotten pricing back from the PCB people. I really want to get a list of interested people and get a preorder going. I know I'm new to the "dented helmet" but this will be a top notch product. It will most likely allow a selectable ESB or ROTJ display. The largest benefits will be the small footprint, brightness, vacuum formed backshell and battery life. I don't know if anyone is interested in a unit like this but it's guaranteed quality.
The board is now in progress. The pricing will be $75.00 plus shipping. The display will be selectable via a 2 position micro selector. You will be able to display the ESB or ROTJ version at any given time. We produce movie props for a living. This is a piece of cake. The gentleman doing the electronics has many years of experience on many features such as The Fifth Element and Terminator 2 and 3. His background is in movie electronics. I guarantee that the quality is excellent or money will instantly be refunded.
Okay. Slight update to the display that I didn't mention. The entire display is wired. The message can be changed via programming. We can burn a new chip and send it to you for about $20 if you decide to customize the display. If by chance we all get the DVD release of Star Wars and find out that the display is completely different than what we have believed, it's a piece of cake. Also, with the selector on the display, you are capable of changing from ESB to ROTJ on the fly.
Anyway you could wire hese bad boys up to smaller batteries, IE the thin lithium kind? I would love to see a small, compact, all together unit.
Sure, we could do that as long as the voltage will run the LEDs properly. I'll talk to the electronics guy about incorporating a battery clip instead of a 9v lead.
The only drawback to the Lithium type batteries is that the cost and availability is no where near the 9volt. I would appreciate feedback from others on this before I make any changes. What do you guys think?
Exactly what distinction are you making between the ESB and ROTJ display? As you might have read, there is not enough reference or evidence to show any differences, if any, between the ESB and ROTJ displays.

Just curious what you were basing your Jedi display on.
At this point nothing other than a slighly different motion. The idea is that the capability is there so that when the DVDs come out, hopefully we will be able to correct the displays based on a clearer image or behind the scenes stuff. Regardless, we can add a custom display setting to the unit before shipping.
My only reasoning behind asking about a thiner type battery is mounting it on your armor...a watch battery is significantly less weight than a 9v.
My persnoal opinion is that going with a watch battery isn't worth what you give up with the 9V. You'd lose capacity, pay higher prices for the batteries, and only thing gained is space. In a project like this, where you're putting the circuit behind chest armor instead of something small like a blaster, the benefit of a smaller package isn't substantial.

Just for the sake of an example, for those that have seen my light set, the reason I made the second board on a cable was because of all the room in the chest area. The display could set in its required position, and the other board could balance it out under the other chest plate. It could have been reduced to a smaller board, but with all the room in the chest area, why? Hope that made sense (with regard to space savings of the battery that is).

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