Sancho Bucket build up progress


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Hi everyone, its about time to start a new bucket. This one is a comission job for our newbie, Sancho. I will post my progress as I go and what I do for all to see. I will be using custom stencils that I have been working on for accuracy. I have a feeling this bucket will be twice what my last one was.

A couple of new things I will be doing on this one. I will be using the rare earth magnets on the earcap, this is the ultamate solution if you want to change out your RF stalk.

I will also be using a decal system for the RF Earcap rather then the hand painted one that I did for my last.

First off, I have it sanded and primed and finished up my silver coats last night. I am now ready to sketch on my stencils. This will be tedious but fun. I will be applying the grey, reds, and every major scrach with the stencil. The only one I can think of that cant be done that way is the feathered looking scratch that is at the back center of the helmet above the keyholes. That has to be done with a brush. :)

Well, enjoy and keep coming back and checking, there will be lots of updates!

Fett Build Up 002.jpg

Fett Build Up 003.jpg

Fett Build Up 004.jpg

Fett Build Up 005.jpg


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It is indeed a SGB bucket. I spent the day creating my scratch temps for the left side of the face (The hemets right) and traced them on. Tonight I will continue my progress. I am only going to use the stencils for the main detail scraches. I.E. the main silver parts, the mail grey and red.. and lets not forget the back... I will post a printable version of my stencils once I scan them in on this thread so be on the look out for this.

I will post updated pics of the progress tomarrow night.


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Here are some early pics I took sunday night while I was penciling on the stencils. Hopefully they show up witht he flash.

EDIT- Sadly the fash dose take more than half of it away! Bastard!!! Oh well, you get the idea... painstakingly cut out stencils then draw the main scrach and add the little details !

Week 1.jpg


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I used greay, and model masters chrome for the silver... To me it dulls out just a bit after clearcaoting it before I start drawing my stencil for masking but by testing it with a flash camera (the best way to see if you paits look like the real deal) that seems to get my silver the closest to screen accurate I can get.

Week 1_2.jpg


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evan4218 said:
I have applyed the dome green, Here are some pics of the silver revealed from the masking.


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As promised to Sancho here is an update. I now have most of the dome and cheeks main details done. They have the SP Lark Gray around the scratches so things are moving well. I am going to go back with a fresh eye and ref pics to make sure I didnt miss any small silver peices. (The main sratch details that further the weathering will be added with a colored pencil once all main detail for the helmet is done!)

The main silver sraches were done with stencils I cut my self, the gray was done by hand.

The helmet is still lacking a few silver scratches on the back and one on the top... then the green is done!

Next I will do the upper cheeks and the back. I am saving the red for last. :D






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Pics of these buckets never do them justice. I will post some pics in natural light out side of the bucket once a bit more is done.

I did quite a bit more on monday! I will get some pics of that up soon.