Sam's custom Mando armor (WOF templates)


The westars and holster kit cost me $10 on ebay. And trust me when I say they're CHEAP. It's gonna take a miracle to turn them into something usable. I haven't done any more work on them since I got back into the armor - which is also now on hold until I pick up some more bondo and bondo-glass. Bills come first, as always.


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If you can. Open them up and fill them with something. Or you can use metal chunks suspended in Hotglue to add some wight. They really arn't that bad with some TLC.


The one I've been working on, I split apart, and filled with wood putty filler, and yes it definitely added some heft to it. I still have to do the other one, as well as make my barrel modifications to that one. The holsters need ALOT of work...


I've finally finalized the paperwork on the new house the wife and I are moving into, we're gonna start moving this friday, and have to be completely moved out, and the old place cleaned by next thursday.

After all the boxes have been unpacked (I've actually already packed all my costuming supplies and parts in carefully marked and packed boxes), I hope to start back on the costume. The weather outside is really nice these days, so I'll be able to do all my sanding and painting outside now... it was too cold over the holiday season, when I did most of my work.

Hopefully I'll be back on track within a couple weeks! The progress I've seen from you guys in the meantime has been amazing tho, you guys are kicking butt! Lucca, your custom is AWESOME. I'm still planning on doing my armor weathering by your tutorial. Antman, you've about convinced me to do my next bucket from cardboard.

I'll post as soon as I get started again!

Good to hear from you!

I decided to scrap my old helmet and start fresh with a new one. It did not turn out the way I wanted it to but it was alright I guess. This one will be done a bit faster than the last one but with better results.

Good luck with the move and finishing up your armor.