Sam's custom Mando armor (WOF templates)


So now that I've got my helmet built and painted, I need to start on my armor. Here's my helmet, which is what I've based my armor paint scheme from.


And here's a concept of what my armor is going to look like:


I'm going to incorporate the desert tan flight suit, flight gloves, and USMC issue boots that I brought back with me from Iraq. I've also got a military padded cartridge belt, and I'm planning on getting magazine pouches from the surplus store out in town. The plan right now is to build the armor pieces from a Sterilite trash can, and then coat it in fiberglass.



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Looks good! So the final is going to be more khaki the yellow, right? Either way I like it. Are you going to dull coat the helmet to take the shine off, or like sand blast it or something for authentic desert wear and tear?

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Yeah, it's going to be khaki... that was just the closest color I could find on the palette. :p And yes, today I'll be dullcoating the helmet so it's not quite so shiny. The dullcoat turns the silver into a real dark grey, which I found out when I used it on my earpieces.


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Not bad at all! For once, the glossy paintjob looks pretty good on a helmet :) Everything has a nice and even coat, the colours blend well. Good job :)


Not bad at all! For once, the glossy paintjob looks pretty good on a helmet :) Everything has a nice and even coat, the colours blend well. Good job :)

Thanks. :) I wanted to weather it a little, but I haven't the slightest idea how to do that with spray paint, and I seriously don't want to mess up the work I've done on it. I've got a ton of ideas for the armor that I can't wait to try. I need a break from laying out templates, cutting out small pieces, pain-stakingly gluing them together, and all that, so I'm going to do the armor first before I tackle the gauntlets. :p



Well, I've got a start. I still have to do the cod piece, which is gonna be a little tougher, as there is some assembly required, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I'm also going to build some thigh and shin armor, but I'll have to make the templates myself.



Lol... the trashcan that sacrificed itself for Mandalorian glory.


Now that I've got the pieces cut out, I have to spend some time molding them to my body shape. And, I still have to come up with some kind of vest (leather preferred) to mount them to. I've definitely been thinking about using the industrial snap idea. I like the idea of being able to remove each piece if needed.


I did some modification to the shoulder bell. I didn't want just a plain piece of flat armor, so I went at it with a sharpie, an x-acto, some hot glue, and a little more plastic.





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Yay same gloves I have!

Good job on the armor so far. I might make mine from metal plates actually. I want to go for a realistic feel instead of just plastic.


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The shoulders look like the Galaxies shoulders.

What kind of glue are you using on it?

Looks like it held nice. or are you plasti-welding it.

Great job, keep it up.


It's hotglue, mostly. :p I cut the plastic about halfway through with the x-acto knife, bent it back, and filled the seam i just created with hotglue. When that cooled down, I ran another bead of hotglue along the back side of the seam. When I added the top part, it stiffened it up quite a bit. When I fiberglass it, it will be completely rigid.


Well, I'm at a bit of a stand down on the armor for the time being until I make my trip to Michael's this weekend to pick up a bunch of stuff. I've also decided that I'm going to take the ears off my helmet, and re-make them out of wood. I went to the wood hobby shop on base today to make a display stand for my father-in-law (pictures to follow just to show you how it went, I know it's not armor-related, but I want to show the kind of work that can be done with the AMAZING amount of tools at the wood hobby shop) and I brought my helmet with me and showed it to the wood and tool expert there. Told him the history on the helmet, explained the process, and showed him how flimsy the ear pieces were, as well as the RF stalk. The ear pieces and RF stalk are going to be made of solid, light-weight wood, either balsa or cedar. I'm going to take pictures of the entire process, because I believe it's going to be easy enough that anyone can do it, and I'm hoping to show everyone how.