Sam's custom Mando armor (WOF templates)


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Indeed, it is coming along nicely. I'm impressed.(y) your's is better than mine.:cry

Maybe I'll just have to do something about it.;)



Nothing fuels imagination like competition, eh Dave? :p

I put the hinges on my gauntlets this morning. :p



Gotta go pick up a buddy from the airport, be gone a couple hours, then I'm going to do the bondo work on the gauntlet. Hope to have pictures of that later tonight.

Good luck on yours, David!
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Wow nice job so far. Question, no matter where I looked I cant find the templates for the gauntlets anywhere. Where did you get yours?

Also about the cheek pieces, the fiberglass for some reason, didnt stick to the paper and therefore I cannot smooth it out, therefore, I have to replace it.


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I got some work done on my helmet today. Last night I cut the dome off, and today I cut off the extra material that I had accidently left on when I cut out the templates. I also received a resin missile in the mail yesterday from TheDentedOne (thanks dude!), and a shelter half for my cape from Xantok_Odysseus. I had started painting my armor a few days ago, but stopped when Lucca did her weathering tutorial. You can see why from the pictures. It's not bad, but it's nowhere near as nice as hers, which is what I'm aiming for. The weathering that I did was 1.) too much, 2.) too uniform, and 3.) lacked accurate placement. Too much in the middle, not enough on the edges, too many cuts that look the same, etc. I'm going to the wood hobby shop after this post, armed with my plastic ears and a bunch of templates, and I'm going to make new ears out of solid wood.




Depending on how the ears go, I'll post more pictures tonight.

Wow! Lookin great bro! I love the paintjob as well.

The helmet looks nice as well, but I kinda got used to the tall dome, it looked nicer IMO, but it looks nice though!


Yeah now that I cut off the extra material I'm regretting doing that. Now I'm giving thought to chalking up that helmet as a 1st try, and make another one using all the experience I gained from that one. :-\

But on the other hand, scratchbuilding that helmet took alot more more time and money than I thought it would... maybe I'll buy one of the kits that I've seen sold around the boards and go that route.
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Buying a kit is the easy way out. :D

However, I learned that from experience, every new thing you make gets better and better. Like if I were to make a new mando helmet from the WOF plans it would be way way better than the one I have. But a first helmet really makes it unique, because it was your first.


Oh don't worry, I'm definitely going to fix my helmet. I'll never get rid of that. It's a part of history now. :p I may even try just making a new dome for it, maybe the shape will be better then. We'll see.
Well The dome I think is the trickiest part in WOF's plans, I got mine right and pretty much just like how its supposed to be on the first try. I consider that lucky, because I would have never gotten it that perfect. There are still some minor faults to the dome, but I am satisfied with it and thats all that counts! I think if you start a new dome, it should work perfectely. The problem with this dome is that its pretty pointy on top and thats what made it look not too good when you shortened it. Hell, if you just sanded the top down a little bit, it would have looked like a custom mando.

But enough about the dome haha. The armor looks really great. Are you going to buy the vest? or make it?

Edit- Also did you get your helmets visor from If so what size did you get yours?
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Well, I've got the material for it, and I've thought about making it myself, but I don't have a sewing machine. I sent Ladysewforus a PM asking her what it would cost if I sent her the material and all my measurements, but I haven't gotten a response. If she gives me a good price, I'll definitely go that route, 'cause I want quality work. We'll see, I guess...
Sounds good!

Thankfully my mom can sew, and she can sew great! Together, we made my jedi costume.

Hopefully we can pull off a custom flak vest.


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I think of those three armor pieces you showed, I wouldn't fix the chest armor one you had in the pic. It wasn't overdone and looks natural enough. The other pieces I can see your point. However, I don't think anyone would notice honestly. But you know, if you want to make it better, do so. It will make you happy!

Looks good so far dude. Keep it up!


Thanks for your feedback, guys. I do like the look of the armor plate, biohazard, but it's just not quite satisfactory for me. I'm going to sand all three down to the bondo layer, re-bondo the damage, and start fresh with Lucca's tutorial. It's gonna look amazing then.

I was realizing last night how much I still have to do.. :-\

Flight suit - done
Gloves - done
Neck Seal - done
Cape - 75%
Vest - 15%
Boots - 75%
Helmet - ??
Left Gauntlet - 75%
Right Gauntlet - 0%
Torso Armor - 40%
Leg Armor - 0%

So much work left to do... but hey, that's part of the journey, right?


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very nice work man....any progress on those really looking forward to seeing them lol

how much did the westars and holster kit set you thinking of picking up a set myself now lol