Salvaged blinking LED circuit.*PIC INTENSE*


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Ok, found this at Best Buy. I'm thinking it might work for a blinking RF circuit. They are 2 CD box sets with era music from each decade starting with the 50s. I saw someone playing with them and the red blinking LEDs caught my eye. 5 LEDs blinking from left to right. $9.99
You can barely see one of the LEDs lit up at the top of the box

Inside the box is a small aprox 2.5" square by 1" thick plastic enclosure.

I bought 2. Had a hard time figuring out how the darn thing came apart. Then I had an idea.

The backs of them have a battery door cover. They take 2 AAAs.

Here's a pic of it once opened up.

Two screws hold in the circuit board to the case. Remove them and it comes out easy. I just cut the wires to the speaker.
And here's how I'm thinking of wiring it up. I'll disconnect the 5 LEDs from the front of the board. I'll solder in wires from the contacts of those previous LEDs alternating to only 2 LEDs. In theory this would make the 2 LEDs blink with an extra blink on one LED ever 3 blinks. Does this drawing make any sense?

I figure I can remove the push button and replace it with a merc/tilt switch.
Here's a size reference pic.

What do you all think? Like I said I got this at Best Buy. They had a lot of them. I'll post my progress pics if this actually works out ok. If it does I'll be putting it in my hollow DP 95 RF.
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the urls included for the pictures use a backslash \ instead of a forward slash /.

windows ignores the syntax violation and just trusts that you meant \. macs just ignore the whole link.

here they are with corrected path:

snipped back out now that the first post his happy :)
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thanks brian, got it fixed in original post.
there's one thing i need to overcome on this circuit and that is the fact that when the button is pushed it only runs for 12 seconds or so. if you hold down the button it doesn't do any thing different. if this was hooked up to a tilt switch you would have to raise the rf and drop it again to make the lights come back on.
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